Jess Sprunger is a Portland based artist originally hailing from the Midwest. She graduated from Goshen College in 2014 with a BA in Art focusing on jewelry and enameling. Her artwork is driven by fine craftsmanship, an affinity for materials, and pattern. Her work has been shown in shops, galleries, and shows from Goshen, IN to Salem, OR and most recently as part of the Earrings Galore Exhibition put on by Heidi Lowe Gallery.

Everyday objects hold a special place in our world and should be adorned with that principle in mind. I find pleasure in the tiny scissors used to clip threads, the geometric tiling in a swimming pool, the stories told by fabrics in a quilt. These small details reflect my attention and affinity for the banal elements of everyday objects and manifest in my jewelry. The work adorns the wearer not in a call for attention but rather an acknowledgement of observance.

My most recent body of work, The Citrus Collection, pays homage to the everyday tasks and objects found in the kitchen. This collection features citrus inspired colors, playful shapes, and kinetic movement. Each piece in The Citrus Collection is intended to bring joy to the wearer. This collection is a tribute to time spent with food exploring recipes and relationships.