Earrings of the Month Club

The Earrings of the Month Club is a fun way for me to try out new and one-off designs that don’t fit into my regular collections.  It’s also a way to create sustained support for my artistic practice. Think of it like a CSA for jewelry!

  • This club goes on a month to month basis so you never have to worry about canceling your subscription.  You decide if you want to participate each month.

  • Each month that you opt in, you will receive a surprise pair of earrings.  (I do give a few hints in the listing!)

  • You can purchase each month’s subscription through my online shop.  There will be a listing for each specific month with a deadline for signing up.  

  • Listings go live the first of the month and are available for one week.

  • The money will be collected up front when you sign up for the month. The earrings will be sent out mid month.

Past Designs