Earrings of the Month Club

The Earrings of the Month Club is a fun way for me to try out new and one-off designs that don’t fit into my regular collections.  It’s also a way to create sustained support for my artistic practice. Think of it like a CSA for jewelry!

  • This club goes on a month to month basis so you never have to worry about canceling your subscription.  You decide if you want to participate each month.

  • Each month that you opt in, you will receive a surprise pair of earrings.  (I do give a few hints in the listing!)

  • You can purchase each month’s subscription through my online shop.  There will be a listing for each specific month with a deadline for signing up.  

  • The money will be collected up front when you sign up for the month. The earrings will be sent out mid month.

March design now in the web shop!

I’m not much of a sports fan but I do enjoy March Madness and filling out brackets. I’m all about using terrible puns for bracket names and usually go with a hoop theme (hoop there it is, hooper dooper). I figured I would continue with the hoop theme for the earring design this month!

The March design features a sterling silver hoop earring, but these are not your grandmother’s classic hoops. They are medium size 1.5” x 1” and have a little something extra with pattern and texture at the bottom.

Past Designs